Thursday, June 17, 2010


A bit delayed but here are the doctor's answers to Matthew's three issues.

1. Matthew's sleep patterns are pretty normal for a two year old since he usually gets between 7 and 10 hours of sleep a day the doctor isn't worried. He says because Matthew has been doing this wake up in the middle of the night thing for so long it's now what he considers normal. His suggestion is to move Matthew's bedtime to 9 p.m. instead of 7 p.m. to hopefully have him so exhausted he'll sleep through the night or at least sleep through the times I want to be asleep. He called it "sleep starving".

At least he didn't prescribe Benadryl, chamomile tea, Ovaltine, or sleeping pills.

2. This doctor, too, has decided Matthew's leg pains are growing pains. The doctor asked if there were other symptoms like swelling, fever, weight loss, etc. I answered no to everything on his list so he's determined it's growing pains and the only thing to do is massage them with Bengay. And if the pain gets too bad to give him Tylenol.

3. The doctor says because Matthew listens and can follow two and three step instructions, for example, go over there, get the green shoes and bring them to me, he, the doctor, is not worried about the lack of speech. He says language is more than just talking. He thinks the talking will come eventually. He also thought Matthew might be autistic but once he examined him he ruled that out completely because Matthew engaged with him well and had good eye contact and did what the doctor asked easily, i.e. lay down, open your mouth, etc. (I was particularly impressed with this diagnosis because I hadn't even mentioned the word autism and in the past with some of the other doctors if I didn't question something specifically it wouldn't be brought up at all.)

The doctor does want Matthew to have a hearing test because he says maybe he's not hearing all the levels of sound which is why he's not repeating them. If I say to Matthew "say moo like the cow" he repeats boo. However, there are NO doctors here who can administer a hearing test so we will have to continue to wait until I can get him a passport so I can take him out of the country.

There is an outside chance, however, that a doctor is coming here in September/October/November, somewhere around there, to do hearing tests on infants. The doctor says if I still haven't gotten Matthew's papers by then he'll try and get Matthew on the list to be seen by this other doctor.

As an added bonus of this pretty awesome doctor visit, the doctor also charted Matthew's weight, height and head size and Matthew is sitting firmly on the 50% line for all three. According to the doctor, I am doing something right because Matthew is so perfectly healthy. Yeah for me! And even bigger yeah for Matthew!

All in all, I am pretty relieved!

Cheers :-)
- Rainforest Mommy


LisaDay said...

Great news. Except the sleeping part. Wouldn't it be great to have some miracle thing that would solve sleeping issues instantly!


Sukhmandir Kaur said...

So happy to hear that your fears are soothed and the doctor offered some solutions. Moving his bedtime back sounds like a great idea. Try offering him water or liquids to hydrate him when he complains about his legs even if it means a night time diaper and see if that offers him some relief. I know everything hurts more when I'm dehydrated and feels better when I drink water. Drinking Water beats taking medicine.I'm convinced the water people drink when they take a pill is the reason the placebo effect is so powerful. Warm milk might be good too because it would also have vitamins and minerals like calcium and vitamin D.

My granddaughter watches "Baby Einstein - My First Signs" and has uses signs along with words to communicate. She loves watching it and one day about the time she was learning to crawl surprised us by saying crystal clear "baby" when she saw the word and sign come up on the screen. The movie uses speech signs, pictures, photographs and puppets to teach the basic communication signs. One day she sat on the floor of the shower before we turned the water and and began making the sign for "more" which is funny because in the moving they have a puppet sprinkle a bowl of cheerios over the the head and body of woman narrator who kept asking for more. So she figured it should work for shower water too :) Your little guy would probably enjoy watching this too and it could give him additional ways to communicate whether or not he has hearing issues.

You sounds sounds like an adorable intelligent little guy. He's really lucky to have such a caring mom.