Tuesday, June 22, 2010

New Loves

Yesterday, one of my dogs, Sadie, had six puppies. I didn't think one of them was going to still be alive this morning because he seemed very weak and she didn't seem interested in him but he's still there this morning. We'll see.

Sadie is a mastiff crossed with mutt. She looks like a mastiff and has the temperament of one but she's small. I think out of all my dogs I love her the best but that's likely because she is the calmest of the lot. She rarely barks. She doesn't jump and bounce at dinner time. And she tends to lay still and watch the world go by. A casual observer would think she is the dog least likely to cause trouble if they walked into my yard. That is so not the case.

When someone comes into the yard she is the one I grab first because she truly believes no one should be allowed to get near me. One night, some time ago, the police came out in the middle of the night - there was someone walking around on the property setting off all the dogs so we called the police. I went outside and while my other dogs circled the police car so no one could get out of it, Sadie sat by my side with this almost inaudible growl and a look that said, "I dare you to get near my person."

On a side note: Matthew has a new word... dis. I think he picked it up from his cousin but for the last two days he has walked around saying, dis, dis, dis, and pointing at things. It's very cute.


LisaDay said...

'Dis' Maybe that is what my guy is saying. I am glad you have a Sadie in your jungle life.


Heidi Walker said...

new puppies!! Ya!