Monday, May 31, 2010

Random Food Thoughts

Is it too early for me to post random thoughts on this blog? Perhaps it's just the right time since it's so new? Whichever way though that's what I am posting today.

Matthew and I went to the feed mill this afternoon to get various animal foods. They were out of rabbit food so we bought cattle pellets instead. Did you know that rabbits supposedly will eat cattle pellets? We'll see. Then we asked for puppy food. They didn't have any. Last week we asked for sunflower seeds. They didn't have any. Is anyone seeing a trend here? I commented to one of the guys that works there that there has to be something wrong with a feed mill that doesn't have any feed.

I really hate to cook rice. Actually I really hate to cook period but somehow rice is worse. I always have to look up the directions online. I've even bookmarked the page so I can see it easily. I follow the directions and the rice never turns out the way it's supposed to. I miss my Uncle Ben's Instant Rice.

I boiled up some vegetable scraps, chicken skin and various other stuff today to add to my dogs bowls tonight. It smells better than the stock/soup I made last week. I say stock/soup because it wasn't really either of those. Too thick for stock and too lacking in stuff for soup. My soups never turn out right but at least they taste good.

Matthew and I came home from running errands this afternoon and we got a great surprise. There were TWO, count them one, two, cherries on the Surinam cherry tree. What kind of tree produces only two fruits at a time? Sad.

But the day is not a total loss. While it's true the rice is sticky it will be covered in a nice curry chicken with lots of gravy... if I can figure out how to make it.

Cheers :-)
- Rainforest Mommy


LisaDay said...

Gravy always helps rice. And it's never too early for random thoughts.


cheri said...

wanna know how we make curry in the philippines?

saute onion and garlic. add chicken, saute. add potatoes and carrots. when it changes color, add curry mixture to chicken. when chicken and vegetables are cooked, add coconut milk. season to taste. mix a couple of times so coconut milk will thicken to your desired consistency. turn off heat and spoon over hot rice :)

hope this helps :)