Monday, September 6, 2010

To See The Future Or Not

One day recently, my younger brother, Patrick and I were in the car. I asked him how he was doing and he said okay. I asked him why he was only okay. He said because he'd like to be able to see into the future.

Patrick, his wife Tanis and their daughter, recently moved to the rainforest so I think he's feeling very much at odds with things all the changes right now.

Anyway, I told him probably 90% of the population of the world would like to also be able to see into the future. He asked me if I am part of that 90%.

And you know what?

I said no. I told him I'm happy with my life right now. I have my son, my house and a good idea for a business. The only thing I'd like to change is I need to learn to manage my time better. Somehow, I have so many things to get done and everything is partially finished but nothing seems to get completely done. I mentioned this to my mother and she told me to concentrate on one project at a time so that's what I am going to do.

Project One - Finish as much as I can of the renovations to my house. This means buy the windows and get them installed. Fill the cracks in the floor, sand and varnish it. And sand and varnish the new deck between the two houses.

Project Two - Finish painting three signs that are at various points of completion.

Project Three - Expand my thought processes on the new business idea and get that in motion.

Project Four - Design and build the kitchen cabinets for the new house. (This project hasn't been started at all yet.)

Now that it's all written down like that it seems much easier to accomplish and less jumbled in my head.

So, are you part of the 90% or not?

Cheers :-)
- Rainforest Mommy

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LisaDay said...

Nope. I don't need to see into the future. It would be one more thing I can't control to worry about.