Saturday, August 28, 2010

I'm Distressed!

I think I am going to die or cry or something!

I've just come back from enrolling Matthew in school!

Granted it's pre-school and he'll only go two half days a week and I keep telling myself it's a glorified daycare setting, it's still school with a curriculum and a uniform! And for two mornings (or afternoons - I'm not sure yet which class he'll be in) my baby will be away from me. Out of my sight. Doing things I'm not aware of. Learning, hopefully.

I'm distressed!

But because of Matthew's speech delay his pediatrician has recommended enrolling him in some form of social group with children his own age. And where we live this is the best solution but I hate, hate, hate, the whole idea of it! I mean, Matthew is only two and a half years old. He should be at home for at least another year and a half, right?

The only upside to any of this, other than the whole point of it that being with his peers might bring along his speech, is it's only two half days and if after a while it doesn't appear to be helping and he really hates it too I can always take him out. It's being paid for on a month by month basis so there is no obligation for him to keep going.

Yesterday, my mother, younger brother and his family and I went to Chetumal, Mexico for the day but because the adoption is still not finished Matthew is unable to leave the country. I left him at the babysitter's house with her many, many, brothers and sisters, there are twelve children in that family ranging from 20+ down to eleven months. We got back too late last night to pick Matthew up so I got him this morning. The babysitter says he had a great time, which Matthew agreed with. She says he played happily with all the children, didn't cause any trouble and SPOKE to the other children. Specifically, she says he said "want more" and "play" so maybe this is exactly what Matthew needs and maybe, I hope, he will really benefit from the experience.

But I am still distressed!

Cheers :-)
- Rainforest Mommy


Mommy Lisa said...

Yes, that kind of thing is rough.

Kerri said...

Oh, I completely get it. I'm homeschooling, for MANY reasons, but we started sending Jacob once a week to "daycare" which is really "Auntie Shawn's"...but it was tough! And the first time I left him in nursery at church I about bawled. I don't remember a thing about the service.

BUT....that having been said, as a teacher (I have a degree in elementary education; not that that makes me a know-it-all...) it WILL be very beneficial for Matthew to be around other kids his age. He will learn a TON. Jacob has learned so much just by being gone 6 hours a week.

From ages 2-5 children are capable of learning SO much more than we give them credit for. You're doing a GOOD thing Mommy! But that sure doesn't mean it's not hard!

Vikki said...

Have you thought about exploring some at home speech help? I use with my daycare children - it has helped a ton. Good Luck!